Welcome to the web page of Associate Professor Alistair Poore at the University of New South Wales.





Recent news from the lab:

22.11.17. Gribben et al. accepted for publication in Ecosphere – importance of considering trophic interactions in facilitation cascades.

2.11.17. Congratulations to Hannah for submitting her PhD thesis.

20.9.17. The lab welcomes Carlos Navarro-Blanco, visiting from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid for 5 months.

31.8.17. Hannah’s review of predator effects on urchins is Editor’s choice in this month’s issue of Ecography

7.8.17. My comments on the “sea lice” attack in Melbourne in the New York Times, The Guardian, and live on ABC News24

2.8.17. Evans et al. accepted for publication in Restoration Ecology – role of genetic diversity in promoting restoration success of a threatened seagrass.

31.7.17. Evans et al. accepted for publication in Frontiers in Plant Science: a special topic on the Conservation Ecology of Aquatic Plants

F1.medium8.7.17. Poore et al. accepted for publication in PNAS – evolution of herbivory in the Crustacea.

3.7.17. Brendan, Janine, Talia and Ruby present their research at the Australian Marine Sciences Association annual conference in Darwin. Janine and Talia win prizes for their presentations.

7.6.17. Janine wins prize for best ecosystem science presentation in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences’ postgraduate forum.

12.4.17. Hannah’s weird urchin defence story from The American Naturalist featured on New Scientist.

9.3.17. Congratulations to Keryn who has just submitted her PhD thesis – understanding the factors that affect diet choice in herbivores in the field.

18.2.17. Alistair visits Martin Thiel in Coquimbo for some field work in the kelp forests of northern Chilepuntatalca

13.2.17. Alistair gives an invited presentation at the Gordon Research Conference on Plant-herbivore interactions, Ventura, California

8.12.16. Hannah’s urchin defence paper accepted for publication in The American Naturalist

8-11.12.16. The lab visits Smiths Lake for the Smithsonian’s Ocean Bitemap – a global project to measure the strength of predation in coastal ecosystems


1-4.11.16.  Alistair visits Randall Hughes and David Kimbro at the Marine Science Centre, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

14-31.10.16. Alistair visits Erik Sotka at the Grice Marine Laboratory, Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

10.8.16. Sheppard Brennand et al. accepted for publication in Ecography – global patterns in the effects of predators on sea urchins.


20.7.16. Foo et al. accepted for publication in Marine Ecology Progress Series – urchin responses to ocean acidification and warming.

18.7.16. Congratulations to Talia who has had her MPhil thesis approved.

7.4.16. Sotka et al. accepted for publication in Zoologica Scripta – evolutionary relationships among herbivorous amphipods.Ampithoids

6.4.16. Congratulations to Suzy who has had her PhD thesis approved.

24.3.16. Hughes & Poore accepted for publication in Marine Biodiversity Records.

23.3.16. Poore et al. accepted for publication in Marine Biology – temperature and pH effects on algal growth and palatability.

24.2.16. Stelling-Wood et al. accepted for publication in Marine Environmental Research – human impacts on ghost crabs on urban sandy beaches.

23.2.16. Bain & Poore accepted for publication in Marine Biology – use of near infrared spectroscopy to quantify animal diets.Lobophora

7.1.16. Evans et al. accepted for publication in PeerJ – links between seagrass genotype and ecological funtioning.