Impacts of marine herbivores on benthic ecosystems

Marine herbivores can have profound effects on the abundance and composition of algae in marine habitats, but their effects are variable in space and time. My research aims to understand how herbivore traits and traits of primary producers can be used to predict herbivore impacts on macroalgae and seagrasses.


Current and recent research projects include:

Recent collaborators: Alex Campbell (UNSW), Stephen Bonser (UNSW), Ross Coleman (University of Sydney), Emmett Duffy (Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences), Graham Edgar (University of Tasmania), Lars Gutow (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research), Veijo Jormalainen (Turku University), Angela Moles (UNSW), Pamela Reynolds (Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences), Erik Sotka (College of Charleston), Jay Stachowicz (University of California), Peter Steinberg (UNSW), Richard Taylor (University of Auckland), Martin Thiel (Universidad Catolica del Norte), Mathew Vanderklift (CSIRO), Adriana Vergés (UNSW)
Funding: ARC-NZ Research Network for Vegetation Function, ARC Discovery Project DP0556372 to Poore