BIOS2031 Biology of InvertebratesAmaryllis_on_Capnella

  • diversity, form and function of invertebrate animals

BIOS3091 Marine and Aquatic EcologySampling

  • experimental ecology of nearshore environments (rocky shores, beaches, coral reefs and soft sediments)
  • ecology of freshwater habitats
  • management and conservation of aquatic habitats


BEES2041 Data Analysis for Life and Earth Scientists

  • sampling and experimental design
  • introduction to statistical analyses for biologists and environmental scientists
  • interpretation and communication of data analyses

Environmental Computinge_c_logo_black_square-300x265

  • freely available tutorials to help with data manipulation, graphics and statistics for the environmental sciences



fb_icon_325x325  Lobsters to Leeches547986_338668099561172_304024249_n

  • weird and wonderful invertebrate news from around the world


Teaching awards

  • 2012: UNSW Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence
  • 2013: Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning from the federal government’s Office of Learning and Teaching