Effects of habitat modification on mobile fauna

Sessile marine organisms (macroalgae, invertebrates) support a very diverse fauna of small, mobile invertebrates whose ecology is poorly known in contrast to sessile and larger invertebrates. I am interested on the factors that govern the abundance and composition of these invertebrates, and how this fauna is affected by anthropogenic disturbances (habitat change, metal pollution, urban infrastructure and stormwater).

Current and recent research projects include:

  • Impacts of mooring structures on ecosystem functioning in Sydney Harbour
  • Responses of ghost crabs to habitat modification of sandy beaches (Stelling-Wood et al. 2016)DCIM100GOPRO
  • Impacts of habitat expansion by Caulerpa (Lanham et al. 2015)
  • Can biomonitors be used to predict diversity of associated invertebrates? (Gall et al., 2012)
  • Can the diversity of sessile animals be used to predict associated invertebrates? (Birdsey et al. 2012)

Collaborators: Emma Johnston (UNSW), Paul Gribben (UNSW), Adriana Vergés (UNSW)
Funding: ARC Linkage Project LP140100855 to Johnston, Poore, Verges and Howard