Ecology and evolution of host specificity in marine herbivores

Understanding the factors that govern feeding choices is essential for predicting the impacts of herbivores on plants, the evolution of feeding behaviour, and the evolution of algal defences. My research tests hypotheses about the ecology and evolution of diet choices among marine herbivores.


Current and recent research projects include:

Recent collaborators: Erik Sotka (College of Charleston), Jennifer Forbey (Boise State University), Jim Lowry (Australian Museum), Shane Ahyong (Australian Museum), Martin Thiel (Universidad Catolica del Norte), Veijo Jormalainen (Turku University)
Funding: ARC Discovery Project DP0208401 to Poore, National Science Foundation (USA) to Sotka, Poore and Lowry, Australian Academy of Sciences US Visits Program, UNSW Goldstar Award to Poore